WaveVR Simulator

1. Install Simulator Apk to your device.

Connect your device to the computer and then click the menu item on the unity editor:

WaveVR->Simulator->Install Simulator Apk

_images/image1.png _images/image2.png

2. Start the Simulator Server on the device.

Click the menu item on the unity editor.


Or click the Simulator Server icon (SIM_WVR) on the device.

_images/image4.png _images/image5.png
  1. Ensure the device not into suspend mode.

Please use a sticker to block P sensor to disable auto-detect suspend/resume, so the HMD will always be ON then you can enjoy simulator function.


4. Enable Simulator.

Make sure Enable Simulator is checked.

WaveVR->Simulator->Enable Simulator


5. Open a scene and click the play icon to test it.

6. Update .Net framework, if it is needed.

WaveVR_Simulator.dll may be loaded failed and need to update .Net framework to run it.

7. Remember to stop playing when the test is done.