WaveVR_ShowIndicator is used to display controller tips of each button. It is depended on WaveVR_RenderModel.cs and all devices are followed by WaveVR rules is precondition, please refer to How to make controller model

Preconditions for showIndicator, one of them should be satisfied:

  1. Using controller loader.
  2. If customized controller wants to use showIndicator feature, please add WaveVR_RenderModel.cs to gameobject. This script based on WaveVR_RenderModel.cs to create indicator when model is ready.

This script provides customization options for the user.

  • Show Indicator

Enable indicator feature, default value is disable.

If Show Indicator is checked, controller loader will provide more options to developer as

  • Show Indicator Angle

Show indicator when controller pitch angle, default value is 30.

  • Hide Indicator by roll

Hide indicator if controller roll angle is more than 90. default is true.

  • Based On Emitter

Indicator is based on emitter, default is true.

Line customization:

  • Line Length

Line length between button and indicator, default value is 0.03f and range is 0.01f - 0.1f.

  • Line Start Width

Starting width of line, default value is 0.0004f and range is 0.0001f - 0.1f.

  • Line End Width

Ending width of line, default value is 0.0004f and range is 0.0001f - 0.1f.

  • Line Color

Line color, default value is white.

Text customization (This used textMesh of Unity):

  • Text Character Size

Non-chinese character size of text, default value is 0.08f,range is 0.1f - 0.2f.

  • Chinese Character Size

Chinese character size of text, default value is 0.07f,range is 0.1f - 0.2f.

  • Text Font Size

Font size of text, default value is 100f,range is 50 - 200f.

  • Text Color

Text color, default value is white.

Button indication:

Developer uses a list to show button indication, each item includes

  • Key Type

WaveVR_ControllerLoader supports button include

  1. Trigger
  2. Touch Pad
  3. Digital Trigger
  4. App
  5. Home
  6. Volume
  7. Volume Up
  8. Volume Down
  9. Grip
  10. D Pad_Left
  11. D Pad_Right
  12. D Pad_Up
  13. D Pad_Down
  • Alignment

Indication should present on which side, default value is right.

  • Indication offset

Indication default computed by origin of game object, developer might use this offset value to adjust position.

  • Use Multi-language

If checked, indication text will show by locale. How to use multi-language, please refer to WaveVR_Resource

  • Indication text

If Use Multi-language isn’t checked, the content used to present, developer might use keyword “system” to show content of Key Type defined by system.

  • Indication key

If Use Multi-language is checked, the key used to query system resource, developer might use keyword “system” to query resource by defined key-name, or use custom key-name to query resource.

  • Follow Button Rotation

The indication follows button’s rotation, default is false.


  • AdaptiveController: in Assets/WaveVR/Resources/


Script WaveVR_ShowIndicator.cs in Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/ControllerModel/