Camera Texture



WaveVRCameraTexture returns a texture2D to update preview image from an Android camera or an external camera (if available). You need to add a permission as shown below to access the camera in AndroidManifest.xml.

<uses-permission android:name=”android.permission.CAMERA” />

The WaveVRCameraTexture provides several functions to have properties of camera included

  • EPixelFormat getCameraImageFormat()

Return format of UTexture2D object, current value is PF_R8G8B8A8.

  • EWVR_CameraImageType getCameraImageType()

Return image type WVR_CameraImageType_Invalid, WVR_CameraImageType_SingleEye or WVR_CameraImageType_DualEye. Suggest to check this before you decide how to display your image.

  • int getCameraImageWidth()

Return width of the camera image. 0 means camera has not started.

  • int getCameraImageHeight()

Return height of the camera image. 0 means camera has not started.

The WaveVR Camera Texture also provides APIs to control the camera

  • UTexture2D* getCameraTexture()

This API will start the camera and create an UTexture2D object to update later.

  • void shutdownCamera()

Call this API to stop the camera.

  • void updateCamera(float delta)

Call this API to update the camera image and draw on texture2D.


Camera is in WaveVR



WaveVRCameraTexture is in WaveVR category as


Blueprint is located in Plugins/WaveVR/Content/Blueprints/CameraTexture_Blueprint.uasset

How to use

Please refer to CameraTexture_Blueprint.

  1. Add WaveVRCameraTexture component to actor as
  1. Get camera texture from WaveVR Camera Texture as
  1. Use camera texture to update dynamic material
  1. Update the camera texture every frame
  1. Shutdown the camera when the game is going to end.