Migrating From Wave Legacy Plugin

In order to conform to the Unity XR Plugin Framework, we have redesigned all the features in the Wave XR Plugin. Therefore the old Wave Unity SDK (Wave Legacy Plugin) will no longer be supported apart from critical issues that needs to be fixed. Also, all old prefabs and components are deprecated, so you will need to redesign your scenes or scripts accordingly.


The old Wave Unity SDK (Wave Legacy Plugin) will not be compatible with Unity version 2020.1 and newer. In that case, you will need to use the Wave XR plugin.


If you are using the VIU Unity plugin to develop VIVE Wave™ applications, then no changes are required other than replacing the old Wave Unity SDK (Wave Legacy Plugin) with the Wave XR Plugin. Check the Getting Started section for information.

Before importing the Wave XR Plugin, remove all the Wave Legacy Plugin assets and samples.

Backup the following path if necessary

  • Assets/Wave/Platform/Android/Customize/

    If you have created a customized Android Manifest (AndroidManifest.xml) here, you may want to create a backup. To use a customized Android Manifest in Wave XR Plugin, import the Custom Android Manifest feature from Wave XR/XRSDK under Project Settings and modify the AndroidManifest.xml file in Assets/Wave/XR/Platform/Android, or you can choose to put it directly in Asset/Plugins/Android.

Delete these directories from the Assets folder of your project

  • Assets/Wave

    From wvr_unity_sdk.unitypackage

  • Assets/Samples

    From wvr_unity_samples.unitypackage. If you have your own samples here, you may want to back them up.

  • Assets/Misc

    From wvr_unity_samples.unitypackage

  • Assets/Vive3DSP

    From wvr_unity_Vive3DSP.unitypackage

Legacy Components

If you used the Wave Legacy Plugin components bellow, you have to remove and replace them with Unity XR or Wave XR Plugin components.