WaveXRSettings is where you can configure various built-in features. After importing Wave XR Plugin, you can customize WaveXRSettings through the following options.


WaveXRSettings in Project Settings


Render Mode

Default Render Mode is Single Pass. For more information, see Single Pass Stereo Rendering in the Unity documentation.

Adaptive Quality

Adaptive Quality is enabled by default. When enabled, you can choose Send Quality Event or Enable Auto Foveation.

FOr more information, see Adaptive Quality.

Dynamic Resolution

To use this feature, Send Quality Event in Adaptive Quality must be enabled. If you want a specific scene to be configured differently from the global settings, manually add a Dynamic Resolution component in a Game Object in the scene.

FOr more information, see DynamicResolution and XRSettings.eyeTextureResolutionScale.

Text Size

Text Size is measured in DMM, which is for determining the lower bound of the values in the Resolution List. For more information, see DynamicResolution component.

Resolution List

The Size of the list is the number of Resolutions Scale levels which Dynamic Resolution can cycle through. Each level is a Resolution Scale value. During runtime, the level will be adjusted according to events send by Adaptive Quality.

Default Index

The initial level in the Resolution List.


RenderMask (Occlusion Mesh) will cover the areas hidden to the user on the screen and reduce graphic output to save power. It is enabled by default.

The XRSettings.useOcclusionMesh is not working since XR Plug-in Management is used. You can only enable and disable the occlusion mesh here.

Foveation mode

Can choose between Default, Enable, and Disable.

If Default is chosen, Foveated Rendering will be enabled using the Wave preset. Choose Enable to customize the settings.

For more information, see Foveated Rendering.

Override system Pixel Density

Select to override default Pixel Density settings.

Pixel Density

The Default Pixel Density is 1, which means the eye texture maps to a screen of the same size when Resolution Scale is 1. If you have concerns regarding performance, use a smaller Pixel Density.

The eye texture size will be multiplied by Pixel Density and Resolution Scale in both width and hight.

Resolution Scale

The default Resolution Scale is 1. This means eye texture size follows the setting of the Pixel Density.

The eye texture size will be multiplied by Pixel Density and Resolution Scale in both width and hight.

Resolution Scale can be also update during runtime. See XRSettings.eyeTextureResolutionScale.


Override Log Flag

Override the Log Flag for native. The default Log Flag is 0x11101(69889). This means that the log levels of Basic, Lifecycle, Render, and Input are set to 1. Select Override Log Flag to customize the Log Flag.

You can override the Log Flag and set everything to zero so that the Wave XR Plugin native code will generate fewer logs. If you set Log Flag to 0xFFFFF, there will be a large number of logs. If you need to report issues, enable more Log Flag to collect related log and mail to us.

Log Flag

Click a check box to toggle a Log Flag (an X will appear when enabled). For each row of Log Flag check boxes, the leftmost box represents the lowest bit and the rightmost box represents the highest bit. Setting a higher bit means that the log shown will be more detailed.

Log Flag For Native

The final result of chosen bits in Log Flag field. You can also modify the Log Flag here.