Quick Start for SRWorks Unity plugin

Step 1

Complete the environment settings and then launch unity engine

Step 2

Import Vive-SRWorks-Unity-Plugin.unitypackage

Step 3

Restart unity engine so that dlls and meta files can be loaded.

Step 4

Open the sample scene located in ViveSRScenesSample

Step 5

Accept settings

Step 6

Check and enable necessary SRWorks modules

../../_images/enable_module_1.png ../../_images/enable_module_2.png
Step 7

Start to program your content

Step 8

Launch the GUI by pressing the S + R keys. There are some general usage codes listed in ViveSR_GameViewDebugTool.cs.


  • If you receive one of the errors below, please restart your unity editor.

  • The error below does not affect the project; you can ignore it.