WaveVR Compatibility

This section describes WaveVR compatibility for Vive Focus/Focus Plus and Vive Focus 3. Due to limitation from WaveVR SDK, developer must choose different version of WaveVR SDK when targeting these devices. There is no way to build a single apk that can work on all devices.


A quick summary of the software requirement is that, developer must use WaveVR SDK 2.1.8 to 3.2.0 for Vive Focus/Focus Plus, and use WaveVR SDK 4.0 or later for Vive Focus 3. Hand detection cannot be used with wrong version of WaveVR SDK.

The following tables provide overview of the differences, with detailed explanation below.

WaveVR SDK Version 2.1.8 to 3.1.1 3.2.0 4.x
WaveVR Camera API Support Yes Yes No
WaveVR Hand API Support No v1 v2 (breaking changes)
Focus/Focus Plus ROM version Available Available Not available
Focus 3 ROM version Not available Not available Available
Hand Tracking Engine Support      
Vive Hand Tracking Engine [1] Focus/Focus Plus Focus/Focus Plus Not available
WaveVR Hand Engine [2] Not available Focus/Focus Plus Focus 3
[1]This is default hand detection that is supported on all plugins.
[2]This is only supported in Unity & Unreal plugin.

Vive Hand Tracking Engine (using WaveVR Camera API)

When running on WaveVR devices, Vive Hand Tracking Engine calls WaveVR camera API to get camera stream and use it to detect hand. However, from WaveVR 4.0, camera API is removed from WaveVR API. Although these functions exists in the native binaries in WaveVR 4.x, it simply returns unsuccessful even on earlier ROM versions that support camera API.

This makes Vive Hand Tracking engine completely unusable if compiled with WaveVR 4.x SDK.

WaveVR Hand Engine (using WaveVR Hand API)

In Unity & Unreal plugin, this is another way to enable hand tracking by using the WaveVR Hand API. This experimental API is introduced in WaveVR 3.2.0, and been completely reworked in WaveVR 4.0. As changes in WaveVR Hand API is not backward compatible, client SDK version and ROM version must be exactly same to use the API.

In short, ROM version of Vive Focus/Focus Plus is 3.2.0, developer must use WaveVR Hand API 3.2.0. On the other hand, ROM version of Vive Focus 3 is 4.0.0 and developer must use WaveVR Hand API 4.x.


WaveVR Hand API on Vive Focus 3 does not support gestures. However, you can still define custom gestures using Hand Tracking SDK.