v0.8.1, 2019/05/31

v0.8.1 includes following changes since v0.8.0:

  1. Update deep learning models for all platform. Improved accuracy while maintaining same latency.
  2. Rewrite codes for getting frames from openvr camera.
    • The new version should work well for both DirectX and OpenGL render API.
    • Increased the FOV of camera frame by using extra pixels that are slightly distorted compared to original smaller view. Slightly worse accuracy is expected at the edge part due to distortion.
  3. Fixed several cases where skeleton mode returns wrong hand shape.
  4. Fixed cases where hands close to camera are not detected on Vive Pro.
  5. Fixed a wrong compiler flag on Windows that resulted in very high CPU usage, latency is also improved.
  6. Organized release folder structures to make download file size smaller.

Plugin related changes are listed below.

Unity Plugin

  1. Removed the internal code name and use Vive Hand Tracking in all codes. Please refer to Upgrade Note section for detail and upgrade instructions.
  2. Fix no hand result at first run on WaveVR due to camera permission checks.
  3. Added scripts for display detected skeleton as 3D hand model. A 3D model is included in the plugin.
  4. Added prefabs for rendering hands in your scene. Supports joints and bones or 3D model.
  5. Fixed bugs of scripts that causes null exception on start.

Unreal Plugin

Unreal plugin is completely rewritten and is now out of experimental status. Please refer to the Unreal plugin document for detail.

  1. Add support for Android platform, including WaveVR (Vive Focus family) and Android phones.
  2. Minimum supported Unreal version is now 4.20.
  3. Core component and samples are split into two actors.
  4. Provide pre-made blueprints for rendering hands.