v0.8.2, 2019/10/09

v0.8.2 includes following changes since v0.8.1 (important ones are highlighted):

  1. Update deep learning models for all platform. Improved accuracy while maintaining same latency.
  2. Add support for Vive Cosmos headset on Windows, supports 2D/3D/Skeleton mode.
  3. Speedup skeleton mode by 30%.
  4. Add support for WaveVR armv8 (require WaveVR 3.1.1 or later for armv8 support).
  5. Increased minimum WaveVR support version to 2.1.8.
  6. Reduce binary size and add version info in Windows binary.
  7. Reduce frame rate when there is no detection after several seconds to save computation power
  8. OpenCL detection should be more stable on some NVIDIA GPUs.

Plugin related changes are listed below.

Unity Plugin

  1. Avoid move Android libraries when building for Android phone & WaveVR. The plugin no longer becomes broken if compile error occurs.

Unreal Plugin

  1. Provide pre-made blueprints for displaying detected skeleton as 3D hand model. A 3D model is included in the plugin.