v0.9.4, 2020/10/29

v0.9.4 includes following changes since v0.9.3 (important ones are highlighted):

  1. Update deep learning models for all platform. Improved accuracy while maintaining same latency.
  2. Add option to limit max raw detection fps to save computing resources. This has negative impact on latency. Only use it when VR application fps slows down due to hand tracking.

Plugin related changes are listed below.

Unity Plugin

  1. Add assembly definition files as separate package for Unity 2019 or newer.
  2. Add support for Wave XR Plugin.
  3. Add support for non-identity scale in camera transform hierarchy.
  4. Fix a few bugs in GestureProvider and ModelRenderer script.
  5. Fix cartoon hand collider is mising in Sample scene.

Unreal Plugin

  1. Move native binary to a module in the project. This simplifies the installation of the plugin.
  2. Add engine support. See Select Hand Engine for details.
  3. Experimental support for WaveVR Hand API (requires WaveVR 3.2.0).
  4. Changed some blueprint function names to match it’s funcionality.
  5. Add handness search strings property in ModelRenderer.

C/C++ Plugin

  1. Renamed wavevr binaries to libaristo_interface_wavevr.so to match SONAME.
  2. Add Windows x86 binary. However, x86_64 is perferred over x86 due to performance reason.