Upgrade Note

This section contains upgrade notes for users from previous verions. Some versions may have breaking changes in plugin structure. If you are using Vive Hand Tracking plugin for the first time, you can skip to Basic Usage section.


Skip this section if you are using Vive Hand Tracking SDK after v0.8.1.

Upgrading to v0.8.1

Starting from v0.8.1, we removed the internal code name Aristo in the plugin. The namespace of all C# scripts is changed to ViveHandTracking, along with the scripting define symbols on Android platform.

We recommend you to remove old version of plugin before import the new version. This change may have following affects to your existing project using Vive Hand Tracking plugin:

  1. The plugin folder have changed from Aristo to ViveHandTracking.
  2. All the Aristo namespace is changed to ViveHandTracking, make sure you change all using Aristo to using ViveHandTracking in your scripts.
  3. GUID in meta files are not changed, so your scenes/prefabs using Vive Hand Tracking scripts should continue to work.
  4. Scripting define symbols are changed, you can safely remove the ARISTO_WITH_WAVEVR and ARISTO_WITH_GOOGLEVR scripting define symbols your Android platform if any.