Using Samples LevelsΒΆ

There are totally three sample levels provided in the plugin Plugins/ViveHandTracking/Content folder, which are tutorials on how to use the SDK. For detailed use of Vive Hand Tracking SDK, please refer to the blueprints and actors in the sample levels.



Remember to replace Editor startup map with sample map if you want to play it in Editor.

  1. CustomGestureMap level is used to demo how to add custom gestures. Supports Windows and WaveVR. See Add Custom Gestures in Skeleton Mode for details. This level detects custom gesture Rock and Vive.

  2. InteractionMap level is used to demo how to use hand gestures. Supports all platforms.

    1. Switch hand display: make like gesture with both hands. See Switch Hand Display for details.
    2. Remote grab: make fist gesture with both hands to aim at objects, make five gesture with both hands to move selected object.
    3. Grab: use left hand ok gesture to pick up 3d objects that you can touch.
    4. Teleport: use right hand fist gesture to select destination and right hand five gesture to confirm teleport.


    Remember to rebuild navigation path before playing in Editor or building players, otherwise teleport cannot function.

  3. WidgeMap level is used to demo how to use hands with UMG UI. Supports all platforms. Use pinch to interact with widget and observe changes on 3d objects. See Using Hand with UMG UI for details.


    Due to Unreal restrictions, you need to set game instance when using WidgeMap to pass Widget values to blueprints.