Upgrade Note

This section contains upgrade notes for users from previous verions. Some versions may have deprecated APIs changes in plugin structure. If you are using Vive Hand Tracking plugin for the first time, you can safely skip this section.

v1.0.0 (Deprecated APIs)


Skip this section if you start using Vive Hand Tracking SDK after v1.0.0.

Starting from v1.0.0, 2D/3D point modes are deprecated and will be removed in future. It’s recommended to use Skeleton modes on all platforms.

You can switch to skeleton mode by following changes:

  1. Change FViveHandTrackingOption::mode to use skeleton mode.
  2. Change all reference of FViveHandTrackingResult.points[0] to FViveHandTrackingResult.position.
  3. FViveHandTrackingResult::rotation is real rotation of the palm in skeleton mode. You might need to adjust your scripts if old rotation is used in your project.