Wave Unity SDK


VIVE Wave™ provides the Unity SDK, which is fully integrated with VIVE Wave™ native runtime for Unity developers. Unity developers can easily develop their applications by using our SDK without detailed knowledge of VR.


Unity LTS release 2017.4.16f1 or newer is recommended.

In this guide, you will learn how to use the Wave Unity SDK to create your immersive VR contents to run on Android devices.

Getting Started

The Getting Started chapter introduces

  • Environment settings
  • API usage limitations
  • SDK samples package
  • A developer’s first sample
  • How to get button events


The Tutorial chapter introduces

  • How to change the head’s location
  • The gesture usage

Wave VR Prefabs

The Wave VR Prefabs chapter introduces the Prefabs provided by the Wave VR Unity SDK package.

Wave VR Scripts

The Wave VR Scripts chapter introduces the Scripts provided by the Wave VR Unity SDK package.

Wave VR Extra

The Wave VR Extra chapter introduces extra scripts provided by the Wave VR Unity SDK package.

Wave VR Samples

The Wave VR Samples chapter introduces some samples that are NOT implemented by the Wave VR Scripts


The Advanced chapter introduces advanced usages of the Wave VR SDK, like EventSystem.

Deprecated List

The Deprecated List chapter introduces the Wave VR SDK deprecated list.

Porting Guide

The Porting Guide chapter introduces the porting guide of the Wave VR SDK.

Wave VR DirectPreview

The Wave VR DirectPreview chapter introduces the Wave VR SDK DirectPreview.


The VIVE 3DSP Audio SDK chapter introduces the way to use VIVE 3DSP Audio SDK in WaveVR.