Wave Native SDK



VIVE Wave™ provides the native SDK for native VR app development or third-party engine integration. Key features include VR device tracking and input, and VR stereo rendering.

Getting Started

Shows how to set up the development environment and build your first VIVE Wave™ app. See Native SDK Getting Started for details.


SDK Overview

Introduces the VIVE Wave™ SDK modules and APIs for VR content app development. See SDK Overview for details.

Java APIs

Introduces the extra Java APIs’ guide for native content developers to develop native VIVE Wave™ content. See Java APIs for details.

Configure App Capabilities

Introduces how to configure the AndroidManifest.xml file. See Configure App Capabilities for details.


Shows examples and procedures on how to use VIVE Wave™ . See Tutorials for detail.

Performance Profiling

Introduces available tools for performance profiling. See Performance Profiling for more details.

Version List

Lists all Wave VR versions that match corresponding API levels, the minimum Android version and NDK releases. See Wave VR Version List for details.

Compatibility Guide

See Compatibility Guide .