Native SDK Getting Started

In this section, you will learn how to build your first application: “HelloVR”.


Set up your development environment

The first step is to set up the development environment on your PC.

  • Download, install and launch your Android™ Studio:
  • In Android Studio, go to Configure > Project Defaults > Project Structure to set up your SDK location, JDK location and NDK location in Android™ Studio.

Download Wave SDK

You can download the Wave SDK from here.

SDK Folder Layout:

  • repo: SDK repository.
  • samples: native sample source.
  • tools: SDK tool APK.

For more information, refer to SDK/

Build Wave App

  1. Use Android Studio to open the sample project SDK/samples/wvr_native_hellovr.
  2. Modify app/build.gradle to comply with the Android™ SDK and build tool version of your Android Studio and then click File > Sync Project with Gradle Files.


  1. Make project: Build > Make Project.
  2. Build apk: Build > Build APK(s).
  3. After a successful build, you will see Event Log “APK(s) generated successfully”. Click locate to get the sample APK.