Wave Unreal SDK


VIVE Wave™ provides the Unreal SDK which is fully integrated with Wave native runtime for Unreal development. Unreal developers can simply develop their applications with our SDK.

In this chapter, you will learn how to use Wave Unreal SDK to create your immersive Wave contents that runs on Android devices.

Wave VR Version Supported Unreal Engine Version
2.1.8 4.20
3.0.2 4.21
3.1.1 4.21
3.1.4 4.21 / 4.22
3.1.6 4.21 / 4.22
3.1.94 4.21 / 4.22 / 4.23 / 4.24
3.2.0 4.24 / 4.25
4.0.0 4.24 / 4.25 / 4.26

Getting Started

The Getting Started chapter introduces

  • Environment and Project settings
  • API usage limitations
  • A developer’s first sample

WaveVR Features

The WaveVR Features chapter introduces our main VR features.

WaveVR Actor Component

The WaveVR Actor Component chapter introduces our features as ActorComponent.

WaveVR Blueprint Function Library

The WaveVR Blueprint Function Library chapter introduces our features as Blueprint function Library.

WaveVR Render

The WaveVR Render chapter introduces render related features.

WaveVR Editor Feature

The WaveVR Editor Feature chapter introduces editor related features.

WaveVR Graphic Profiling

The RenderDoc chapter introduce how to do graphic profiling by the external tool, RenderDoc.

Q & A

The Q & A chapter introduces Q&A of WaveVRSDK.

Compatibility Guide