Tracker Info Notification

  • Supported Version: API Level 9 (Wave SDK 5.0.0) or later

  • Feature Description:

    • Purpose: To recieve tracker info (string content, timestamp) notification from tracker device for executing corresponding actions on application side.

    • Related APIs:

      Function Name Description
      WVR_TrackerInfoCallback Function template for the reference to implement a callback function.
      WVR_RegisterTrackerInfoCallback Register the callback function for recieving tracker info notification.
      WVR_UnregisterTrackerInfoCallback Unregister the callback function.
    • Usage Flow:

      1. Implement a callback function through function template WVR_TrackerInfoCallback.
      2. Use function WVR_RegisterTrackerInfoCallback to register the callback function.
      3. Wait for this callback function to be called by tracker devcice for recieving tracker info notification. Then, the application developer can execute corresponding actions at this timing.
      4. Use function WVR_UnregisterTrackerInfoCallback to unregister this callback function if the developer doesn’t want to recieve tracker info notification anymore.