WaveVR_AdaptiveControllerActions show button color when button has been pressed, touched, it is depended on WaveVR_RenderModel.cs and all devices are followed by WaveVR rules is precondition, please refer to How to make controller model


This script provides customization options for the user.

  • Enable Button Effect

If this is checked, button effect show when button pressed. Default is true.

  • Device

Monitor to device.

  • Use system config

If this option is checked, button color is defined by system. Default is true.

  • Button Effect Color

If Use system config isn’t checked, user pick up customized color when pressed.


  • AdaptiveController: in Assets/WaveVR/Resources/


Script WaveVR_AdaptiveControllerActions.cs in Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/ControllerModel/