WaveVR_Beam.cs simulates a laser pointer for the controller to help the user choose an object.

We provide a prefab Beam in Assets/WaveVR/Prefabs/


This script provides laser pointer customization options for the user.:

  • Show Beam

Click to show beam or not, default is true.

  • Listen to device

Will show beam when device is connected, and hide beam when device is disconnected, default is false.

  • Use system config

If this option is checked, beam length and color is defined by system config. default is checked.

If Use system config isn’t checked, we will provide more options to developer as

  • Update beam per frame

The beam will update every frame if checked. default is false.

  • Start offset

Beam will show ahead of controller model, default is 0.015f.

  • Start width

Beam width of start side, default is 0.000625f.

  • End offset

Beam length, default is 0.65f.

  • End width

Beam width of end side, default is 0.00125f.

  • Use default material

The beam will use material provided by WaveVR SDK. default is checked and choose start/end color.

  • Start color

Beam color of start side, default is 0xFFFFFFFF.

  • End color

Beam color of end side, default is 0xFFFFFFFF.

If Use default material isn’t checked, developer will select Custom material and beam will apply this material. Developer is able to use it to design your preferred beam style.


Script WaveVR_Beam.cs in Assets/WaveVR/Scripts/