Wave VR Version ListΒΆ

Check the table to see the needed level or version for API the level, Android, and NDK when using a specific Wave VR version.

Wave VR Version API Level TargetSdkVersion NDK version Release note
2.0.x 1 25 r12-b Release 2.0.x
2.1.x 2 25 r16-b Release 2.1.x
3.0.x 3 25 r16-b Release 3.0.x
3.1.x 4 26 r16-b Release 3.1.x
3.2.x 5 26 r16-b Release 3.2.x
4.0.x 6 29 r16-b Release 4.0.x
4.1.x 7 29 r16-b Release 4.1.x
4.2.x 8 29 r16-b Release 4.2.x
4.3.x 8 29 r16-b Release 4.3.x
4.4.x 8 29 r16-b Release 4.4.x
4.5.x 8 29 r16-b Release 4.5.x
  • You can not set android targetSdkVersion higher than 29 in your build.gradle. Please set the android targetSdkVersion to our define according to your Wave Version (see the table).