How do I change the controller model object from Root to Emitter?

The Emitter of the controller model defaults to the origin pointer. However, the Emitter position and rotation can be changed in the device service.

If controller loader is used, there is no need to customize the controller model. However, if a custom controller model is used, it is recommended to move the Beam and Controller Pointer from Root to Emitter. This guarantees that the event system and visualization are unified. To learn how to change object from root to emitter, refer to AdaptiveController in Assets > WaveVR > Resources.

Follow the steps below to move the Beam and Controller Pointer to Emitter.

1. Attach WaveVR_ControllerRootToEmitter.cs to the root of your customized controller mode.



WaveVR_ControllerRootToEmitter.cs can be found in Assets > WaveVR > Scripts > ControllerModel.

  1. Choose the Device Type.
  2. Add Beam, Pointer, and related objects to Move to Emitter.