• Can’t connect to steaming server with Device apk.
    1. Try to click WaveVR > DirectPreview > Start Device APK button again.
    2. Please make sure your HMD device and PC are connected to the same domain, then check Device wifi IP in WaveVR > DirectPreview > Direct Preview Options is identical to the Device wifi IP of your HMD device.
    3. If you ever change your HMD device and PC to another wifi domain after installing device apk, please re-install device apk for initializing config file with new wifi domain information.
  • Not initialized

    Symptom :

    Can’t see unity editor preview display on HMD device, and device model(camera and controller) in game/scene window of unity editor will not get pose from HMD device.


    Log will show in unity console like above.

    Suggestion :
    1. Stop preview.
    2. Close streaming server and Device app.
    3. Start streaming server.
    4. Start Device app.
    5. After rrServer is connected with wvr_plugins_directpreview_agent.apk, click on “Play” button in Unity Editor.