PluginKit SDK Tutorials


Setting Up the Build Environment

  • Make sure Android Studio is installed.
  • Make sure to use Android API Level 23 or later.
  • Download and import the VIVE Wave™ PluginKit (wvr_pluginkit.aar).
  • Add the required libraries in build.gradle.

Selecting the Device

There may be a lot of HMDs and controllers installed on your device at the same time. You need to select the HMD and controller that will be used by the VIVE Wave™ Settings AP.

Declaring VR DeviceServices

  1. Write AndroidManifest.xml

To ensure what configuration should be set in AndroidManifest.xml. See Configure Device Capabilities for detail.

  1. Implement : VRDeviceService
  2. Implement : VRDevice

Pluginkit SDK Samples

Wave VR provides a sample DeviceService in SDK/samples/wvr_simple_deviceservice. wvr_simple_deviceservice includes the HMD, controller, and external tracker.

External device properties for HMD

The pluginkit can also acquire a set of specified device properties from the HMD device service. Please refer detail description in the following portion. Detail for HMD external device propeties