WVR_EXPORT void WVR_TriggerVibrationScale(WVR_DeviceType type, WVR_InputId inputId = WVR_InputId_Max, uint32_t durationMicroSec = 65535, uint32_t frequency = 1, float amplitude = 0.0f)

Function to trigger vibration with float amplitude.

API Level 7
Effective with Runtime version 7 or higher
  • type: Indicates what device type. (refer to WVR_DeviceType)
  • id: Indicates the WVR_InputId to trigger vibration.
  • durationMicroSec: The vibration duration.
  • frequency: Number of vibration based on durationMicroSec.
  • amplitude: float intensity of the vibration. The default value is 0.0f. The valid interval: 0.0f~1.0f.

How to use

Here is an example for the function:

#include <wvr/wvr_device.h> // header
// Trigger vibration 2 times per second. Keep the duration for each vibration at 0.5 sec with floating amplitude.
float amplitude = 0.5; // Valide range: 0.0f ~ 1.0f
WVR_TriggerVibrationScale(WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Left, WVR_InputId_Alias1_Trigger, 1000000, 2, amplitude);


  1. This API works on Wave runtime API Level 7 (v4.0.3) or higher.
  2. If the version of Wave runtime is less than API Level 7 (v4.0.3), this API will call the old API - WVR_TriggerVibration.