Types in wvr.h

WVR enum

  • Common enum
enum WVR_Result

the returned result of a function call for providing the information of failure.


WVR_Success = 0

The result of the function call was successful.

WVR_Error_SystemInvalid = 1

The initialization was not finished or the feature was not started yet.

WVR_Error_InvalidArgument = 2

One of the arguments was not appropriate for the function call.

WVR_Error_OutOfMemory = 3

A memory allocation has failed.

WVR_Error_FeatureNotSupport = 4

The feature was not supported; either lack of some services or service does not support this feature.

WVR_Error_RuntimeVersionNotSupport = 5

The runtime version is too old to support the function call.

WVR_Error_CameraNotAvailable = 6

Camera was unavailable, cannot query camera related information.

WVR_Error_CameraPermissionNotGranted = 7

The Android camera permission was not granted yet.

WVR_Error_DeviceDisconnected = 8

The device is disconnected

WVR_Error_TrackerDisconnected = 9

The tracker is disconnected.

WVR_Error_CtrlerModel_WrongDeviceType = 100

Input wrong device type for asking controller model.

WVR_Error_CtrlerModel_DeviceDisconnected = 101

The controller device you want to get its model is disconnected.

WVR_Error_CtrlerModel_InvalidModel = 102

We can’t get model that can be use.

WVR_Error_CtrlerModel_Unknown = 103

Unknown error.

WVR_Error_CtrlerModel_NoAnimationData = 104
WVR_Error_InvalidRenderModel = 110
WVR_Error_EyeTracking_NotInitial = 200

The eye calibration procedure has not been initialized.

WVR_Error_EyeTracking_NotWorking = 201

The operation of eye tracking is not working.

WVR_Error_HandTracking_FeatureNotRequested = 300

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR App does not request hand tracking feature.

WVR_Error_Tracker_FeatureNotRequested = 301

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR App does not request tracker feature.

WVR_Error_EyeTracking_FeatureNotRequested = 302

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR App does not request eye tracking feature.

WVR_Error_LipExpression_FeatureNotRequested = 303

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR App does not request lip expression feature.

WVR_Error_EyeExpression_FeatureNotRequested = 304

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR App does not request eye expression feature.

WVR_Error_ScenePerception_FeatureNotRequested = 305

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR APP does not request scene perception feature.

WVR_Error_Marker_FeatureNotRequested = 306

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR APP does not request marker feature.

WVR_Error_Body_FeatureNotRequested = 307

The AndroidManifest.xml of this VR APP does not request body feature.

WVR_Error_Data_Invalid = 400

Data is invalid or unavailabe at this moment, ex., visual occlusion.

WVR_Error_PermissionNotGranted = 401

VR APP does not grant the required permission

WVR_Error_Anchor_NameDuplicated = 500

The name for create persistence/cache anchor should be unique

WVR_Error_Anchor_AnchorDuplicated = 501

The anchor has been set as persistence/cache anchor

WVR_Error_Anchor_LimitReached = 502

The engine detected anchors exceed detectable quantity limit

WVR_Error_Anchor_FileExisted = 503

The file is already existed

WVR_Error_Anchor_NotReady = 504

The anchor does not ready

WVR_Error_Body_Tracking_Unknown = 600

The body tracking has unknown error.

WVR_Error_Body_Tracking_Not_Ready = 601

The body tracking does not ready.

WVR_Error_Body_Tracking_Init_Fail = 602

The body tracking initial fail.

  • Tracking Device enum
enum WVR_DeviceErrorStatus

The error status of the specified device from the device service.

The device service uses bitmask to record the device error, because many errors might occur at the same time. Each error status represents a hardware exception for the device. The restore status means that the error status has been fixed.


WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_None = 0

Status of the device service is normal.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_BatteryOverheat = 1

Battery temperature is too hot.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_BatteryOverheatRestore = 1 << 1

Battery temperature has cooled down.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_BatteryOvervoltage = 1 << 2

Battery is overvoltage when charging.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_BatteryOvervoltageRestore = 1 << 3

Overvoltage has been fixed.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_DeviceConnectFail = 1 << 4

Failed to connect to the USB device.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_DeviceConnectRestore = 1 << 5

Connection failure has been fixed.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_DeviceLostTracking = 1 << 6

The device being tracked might be out of range.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_DeviceTrackingRestore = 1 << 7

Lost tracking has been fixed.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_ChargeFail = 1 << 8

The consumed voltage is larger than the charging voltage when the device is charging.

WVR_DeviceErrorStatus_ChargeRestore = 1 << 9

Charging failure has been fixed.

enum WVR_DeviceType

The type of VR device.

Describes the role of VR devices


WVR_DeviceType_Invalid = 0

The device is unknown or not existing.

WVR_DeviceType_HMD = 1

Head-Mounted Display.

WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Right = 2

Right hand tracked controller.

WVR_DeviceType_Controller_Left = 3

Left hand tracked controller.

WVR_DeviceType_Camera = 4

Camera device

WVR_DeviceType_EyeTracking = 5

Eye tracking.

WVR_DeviceType_HandGesture_Right = 6

Right hand of gesture.

WVR_DeviceType_HandGesture_Left = 7

Left hand gesture.

WVR_DeviceType_NaturalHand_Right = 8

Right natural hand.

WVR_DeviceType_NaturalHand_Left = 9

Left natural hand.

WVR_DeviceType_ElectronicHand_Right = 10

Right electronic hand.

WVR_DeviceType_ElectronicHand_Left = 11

Left electronic hand.

WVR_DeviceType_Tracker = 12


WVR_DeviceType_Lip = 13

Lip and lower face detection device

WVR_DeviceType_EyeExpression = 14

Eye expression

enum WVR_EventType

event type


WVR_EventType_Quit = 1000

common event region Application Quit.

WVR_EventType_InteractionModeChanged = 1001

WVR_InteractionMode changed. Use WVR_GetInteractionMode to get the interaction mode.

WVR_EventType_GazeTriggerTypeChanged = 1002

WVR_GazeTriggerType changed. Use WVR_GetGazeTriggerType to get the gaze trigger type.

WVR_EventType_TrackingModeChanged = 1003

Notification for tracking mode change(3 DoF/6 DoF). Use WVR_GetDegreeOfFreedom to get the current tracking mode.

WVR_EventType_RecommendedQuality_Lower = 1004

Notification for recommended quality to be Lower from runtime.

WVR_EventType_RecommendedQuality_Higher = 1005

Notification for recommended quality to be Higher from runtime.

WVR_EventType_HandGesture_Changed = 1006

Notification for changed gesture.

WVR_EventType_HandGesture_Abnormal = 1007

Notification for abnormal gesture.

WVR_EventType_HandTracking_Abnormal = 1008

Notification for abnormal hand tracking.

WVR_EventType_ArenaChanged = 1009

Notification for arena have been changed.

WVR_EventType_RenderingToBePaused = 1010

Notification for the rendering is going to be paused due to user take off HMD and display off.

WVR_EventType_RenderingToBeResumed = 1011

Notification for the rendering is going to be resumed due to user put on HMD and display on.

WVR_EventType_SpectatingStarted = 1012

Notification for the spectating started.

WVR_EventType_SpectatingStopped = 1013

Notification for the spectating stopped.

WVR_EventType_SpatialAnchor_Changed = 1101

Notification for the spatial anchor changed.

WVR_EventType_CachedAnchor_Changed = 1102

Notification for the cached anchor changed.

WVR_EventType_PersistedAnchor_Changed = 1103

Notification for the persisted anchor changed.

WVR_EventType_DeviceConnected = 2000

Device events region WVR_DeviceType is connected.

WVR_EventType_DeviceDisconnected = 2001

WVR_DeviceType is disconnected.

WVR_EventType_DeviceStatusUpdate = 2002

WVR_DeviceType configuration has changed.

WVR_EventType_DeviceSuspend = 2003


WVR_EventType_DeviceResume = 2004


WVR_EventType_IpdChanged = 2005

The interpupillary distance has changed; Use WVR_GetRenderProps to get the current IPD.

WVR_EventType_DeviceRoleChanged = 2006

WVR_DeviceType controller roles have switched.

WVR_EventType_BatteryStatusUpdate = 2007

The battery status of WVR_DeviceType device has changed. Use WVR_GetBatteryStatus to check the current battery status.

WVR_EventType_ChargeStatusUpdate = 2008

The charged status of WVR_DeviceType device has changed. Use WVR_GetChargeStatus to check the current battery charge status.

WVR_EventType_DeviceErrorStatusUpdate = 2009

WVR_DeviceType device error occurs. Use WVR_GetDeviceErrorState to get the current error status from the device service.

WVR_EventType_BatteryTemperatureStatusUpdate = 2010

The battery temperature status of WVR_DeviceType device has changed. Use WVR_GetBatteryTemperatureStatus to check the current battery temperature.

WVR_EventType_RecenterSuccess = 2011

Notification for successful recenter for the 6 DoF device

WVR_EventType_RecenterFail = 2012

Notification for recenter failed for the 6 DoF device

WVR_EventType_RecenterSuccess3DoF = 2013

Notification for recenter successful for the 3 DoF device

WVR_EventType_RecenterFail3DoF = 2014

Notification for recenter failed for the 3 DoF device

WVR_EventType_ClearHmdTrackingMapDone = 2015

Notification of the finish of clearing operation of HMD tracking map from device service.

WVR_EventType_InputDevMappingChanged = 2016

Notification for input device mapping table changed.

WVR_EventType_BatteryPercentageUpdate = 2017

The battery percentage of WVR_DeviceType device has changed. Use WVR_GetDeviceBatteryPercentage to check the current battery level.

WVR_EventType_DeviceInfoUpdate = 2018

The device information of WVR_DeviceType device has changed.

WVR_EventType_PassthroughOverlayShownBySystem = 2100

Notification for passthrough overlay is shown by the system.

WVR_EventType_PassthroughOverlayHiddenBySystem = 2101

Notification for passthrough overlay is hidden by the system.

WVR_EventType_ControllerPoseModeChanged = 2102
WVR_EventType_ControllerPoseModeOffsetReady = 2103
WVR_EventType_DeviceTableStaticLocked = 2104

WVR_DeviceType is on table static state.

WVR_EventType_DeviceTableStaticUnlocked = 2105

WVR_DeviceType is not on table static state.

WVR_EventType_ManualFocusChanged = 2106

Notification for manual focus is changed.

WVR_EventType_Hand_EnhanceStable = 2900

Hand and Wrist Tracker event Notification for Enhanced Hand Stability ON or OFF

WVR_EventType_ButtonPressed = 3000

Input Event region WVR_InputId status changed to pressed.

WVR_EventType_ButtonUnpressed = 3001

WVR_InputId status changed to not pressed

WVR_EventType_TouchTapped = 3002

WVR_InputId status changed to touched.

WVR_EventType_TouchUntapped = 3003

WVR_InputId status changed to untouched.

WVR_EventType_LeftToRightSwipe = 3004

Notification for swipe motion (left to right) on the touchpad

WVR_EventType_RightToLeftSwipe = 3005

Notification for swipe motion (right to left) on the touchpad

WVR_EventType_DownToUpSwipe = 3006

Notification for swipe motion (down to up) on the touchpad

WVR_EventType_UpToDownSwipe = 3007

Notification for swipe motion (up to down) on the touchpad

WVR_EventType_TrackerConnected = 4000

Tracker events region WVR_TrackerId is connected.

WVR_EventType_TrackerDisconnected = 4001

WVR_TrackerId is disconnected.

WVR_EventType_TrackerBatteryLevelUpdate = 4002

The battery level of WVR_TrackerId has changed. Use WVR_GetTrackerBatteryLevel to check the current battery level.

WVR_EventType_TrackerRoleChanged = 4003

WVR_TrackerId is role changed.

WVR_EventType_TrackerButtonPressed = 5000

Tracker input events region WVR_InputId status of WVR_TrackerId changed to pressed.

WVR_EventType_TrackerButtonUnpressed = 5001

WVR_InputId status of WVR_TrackerId changed to not pressed

WVR_EventType_TrackerTouchTapped = 5002

WVR_InputId status of WVR_TrackerId changed to touched.

WVR_EventType_TrackerTouchUntapped = 5003

WVR_InputId status of WVR_TrackerId changed to untouched.

WVR_EventType_TrackerLeftToRightSwipe = 5004

Notification for swipe motion (left to right) on the touchpad of Tracker

WVR_EventType_TrackerRightToLeftSwipe = 5005

Notification for swipe motion (right to left) on the touchpad of Tracker

WVR_EventType_TrackerDownToUpSwipe = 5006

Notification for swipe motion (down to up) on the touchpad of Tracker

WVR_EventType_TrackerUpToDownSwipe = 5007

Notification for swipe motion (up to down) on the touchpad of Tracker

WVR_EventType_BodyTrackingCalibrationChanged = 6000

BodyTracking events region Notification for BodyTracking calibration parameters change

enum WVR_Eye

The sides of target scene.

Specify the side of eye for target scene.


WVR_Eye_Left = 0

WVR_Eye_Left: Left eye id.

WVR_Eye_Right = 1

WVR_Eye_Right: Right eye id.

WVR_Eye_Both = 2

WVR_Eye_Both: Both Left and Right eye id.

enum WVR_InputId

The input id of the device.


WVR_InputId_0 = 0
WVR_InputId_1 = 1
WVR_InputId_2 = 2
WVR_InputId_3 = 3
WVR_InputId_4 = 4
WVR_InputId_5 = 5
WVR_InputId_6 = 6
WVR_InputId_7 = 7
WVR_InputId_8 = 8
WVR_InputId_9 = 9
WVR_InputId_10 = 10
WVR_InputId_11 = 11
WVR_InputId_12 = 12
WVR_InputId_13 = 13
WVR_InputId_14 = 14
WVR_InputId_15 = 15
WVR_InputId_16 = 16
WVR_InputId_17 = 17
WVR_InputId_18 = 18
WVR_InputId_19 = 19
WVR_InputId_Alias1_System = WVR_InputId_0

System button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Menu = WVR_InputId_1

Menu button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Grip = WVR_InputId_2

Grip button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Left = WVR_InputId_3

A physical DPad_Left button, or simulated by pressing the left part of the touchpad.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Up = WVR_InputId_4

A physical DPad_Up button, or simulated by pressing the top part of the touchpad.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Right = WVR_InputId_5

A physical DPad_Right button, or simulated by pressing the right part of the touchpad.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_DPad_Down = WVR_InputId_6

A physical DPad_Down button, or simulated by pressing the bottom part of the touchpad.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Volume_Up = WVR_InputId_7

Volume_Up button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Volume_Down = WVR_InputId_8

Volume_Down button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Bumper = WVR_InputId_9

Bumper button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_A = WVR_InputId_10

A button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_B = WVR_InputId_11

B button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_X = WVR_InputId_12

X button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Y = WVR_InputId_13

Y button.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Back = WVR_InputId_14

Hmd Back button

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Enter = WVR_InputId_15

Hmd Enter button

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Touchpad = WVR_InputId_16

Touchpad input device.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Trigger = WVR_InputId_17

Trigger input device.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Thumbstick = WVR_InputId_18

Thumbstick input device.

WVR_InputId_Alias1_Parking = WVR_InputId_19

Parking input device.

WVR_InputId_Max = 32
enum WVR_PoseOriginModel

The style of tracking origin.

Identifies which style of tracking origin the application wants to use for the poses it is requesting


WVR_PoseOriginModel_OriginOnHead = 0

The origin of 6 DoF pose is on head.

WVR_PoseOriginModel_OriginOnGround = 1

The origin of 6 DoF pose is on ground.

WVR_PoseOriginModel_OriginOnTrackingObserver = 2

The raw pose from tracking system.

WVR_PoseOriginModel_OriginOnHead_3DoF = 3

The origin of 3 DoF pose is on head.

enum WVR_RecenterType

Recenter effect of WVR_InAppRecenter.


WVR_RecenterType_Disabled = 0

Make everything back to system coordinate instantly

WVR_RecenterType_YawOnly = 1

Only adjust the Yaw angle

WVR_RecenterType_YawAndPosition = 2

Adjust the Yaw angle, and also reset user’s position XYZ to Virtual World’s center

WVR_RecenterType_RotationAndPosition = 3

Affect all the XYZ and Pitch Yaw Roll. It is sensitive to user’s head gesture at recentering.

WVR_RecenterType_Position = 4

Reset user’s position XYZ to Virtual World’s center

enum WVR_SimulationType

Arm/Neck Model options of WVR_SetArmModel/WVR_SetNeckModel.


WVR_SimulationType_Auto = 0

Simulates device position while device tracking is only 3DoF.

WVR_SimulationType_ForceOn = 1

Always simulates and replaces devices’ positions.

WVR_SimulationType_ForceOff = 2

Do NOT activate Position Simulation.

enum WVR_TrackerId

The tracker id.

API Level 8


WVR_TrackerId_0 = 0
WVR_TrackerId_1 = 1
WVR_TrackerId_2 = 2
WVR_TrackerId_3 = 3
WVR_TrackerId_4 = 4
WVR_TrackerId_5 = 5
WVR_TrackerId_6 = 6
WVR_TrackerId_7 = 7
WVR_TrackerId_8 = 8
WVR_TrackerId_9 = 9
WVR_TrackerId_10 = 10
WVR_TrackerId_11 = 11
WVR_TrackerId_12 = 12
WVR_TrackerId_13 = 13
WVR_TrackerId_14 = 14
WVR_TrackerId_15 = 15
enum WVR_TrackerRole

The tracker role Describes the role of the tracker device. API Level 8 : 0 ~ 3, API Level 12 : 32~63, API Level 13 : 32~72.

API Level 12


WVR_TrackerRole_Undefined = 0
WVR_TrackerRole_Standalone = 1
WVR_TrackerRole_Pair1_Right = 2
WVR_TrackerRole_Pair1_Left = 3
WVR_TrackerRole_Shoulder_Right = 32
WVR_TrackerRole_Upper_Arm_Right = 33
WVR_TrackerRole_Elbow_Right = 34
WVR_TrackerRole_Forearm_Right = 35
WVR_TrackerRole_Wrist_Right = 36
WVR_TrackerRole_Hand_Right = 37
WVR_TrackerRole_Thigh_Right = 38
WVR_TrackerRole_Knee_Right = 39
WVR_TrackerRole_Calf_Right = 40
WVR_TrackerRole_Ankle_Right = 41
WVR_TrackerRole_Foot_Right = 42
WVR_TrackerRole_Shoulder_Left = 47
WVR_TrackerRole_Upper_Arm_Left = 48
WVR_TrackerRole_Elbow_Left = 49
WVR_TrackerRole_Forearm_Left = 50
WVR_TrackerRole_Wrist_Left = 51
WVR_TrackerRole_Hand_Left = 52
WVR_TrackerRole_Thigh_Left = 53
WVR_TrackerRole_Knee_Left = 54
WVR_TrackerRole_Calf_Left = 55
WVR_TrackerRole_Ankle_Left = 56
WVR_TrackerRole_Foot_Left = 57
WVR_TrackerRole_Chest = 62
WVR_TrackerRole_Waist = 63
WVR_TrackerRole_Camera = 71
WVR_TrackerRole_Keyboard = 72
  • Device enum
enum WVR_AnalogType

Analog type.


WVR_AnalogType_None = 0
WVR_AnalogType_2D = 1

Provide analog data with x and y coordinate, WVR_Axis value is -1 ~ 1

WVR_AnalogType_1D = 2

Provide analog data with x coordinate, WVR_Axis value is 0 ~ 1

  • Arena enum
enum WVR_ArenaVisible

To decide whether vitual wall should be showed.


WVR_ArenaVisible_Auto = 0

Show Arena while HMD is near boundaries

WVR_ArenaVisible_ForceOn = 1

Always show Arena

WVR_ArenaVisible_ForceOff = 2

Never show Arena

enum WVR_NumDoF

The type of degree of freedom (DoF)


WVR_NumDoF_3DoF = 0

Position (x, y, z) on 3 coordinates, which contains (1) moving up and down, (2) moving left and right, (3) moving forward and backward.

WVR_NumDoF_6DoF = 1

Position (x, y, z) on 3 coordinates and rotation (yaw, pitch, roll) on 3 coordinates.

enum WVR_ArenaShape

Supported play area shape.


WVR_ArenaShape_None = 0

Arena shape is undefined

WVR_ArenaShape_Rectangle = 1

Arena shape is rectangle

WVR_ArenaShape_Round = 2

Arena shape is round

  • Passthrough enum
enum WVR_PassthroughImageQuality

Enum used for indicating the quality of passthrough.


WVR_PassthroughImageQuality_DefaultMode = 0

default passthrough image quality (default)

WVR_PassthroughImageQuality_PerformanceMode = 1

shorten passthrough image quality to reserve more GPU resource for content use

WVR_PassthroughImageQuality_QualityMode = 2

sharpen passthrough image to benefit reading nearby text but cost more GPU resource with trade-off

enum WVR_PassthroughImageFocus

Enum used for indicating the focusing mode of passthrogh.


WVR_PassthroughImageFocus_Scale = 0

Focus on the interactive device scale, controller or hand.

WVR_PassthroughImageFocus_View = 1

Focus on the surrounding environment view(default)

enum WVR_PassthroughImageRate

Enum used for indicating the passthrough image’s refresh rate.


WVR_PassthroughImageRate_Boost = 0

Default passthrough image’s refresh rate (default).

WVR_PassthroughImageRate_Normal = 1

Reduce the passthrough image’s refresh rate for performance improvement.

WVR struct

  • Event struct
struct WVR_CommonEvent

Common Event that includes WVR_EventType and timestamp.

Public Members

WVR_EventType type

The event types

int64_t timestamp

Delivered time in nanoseconds

struct WVR_DeviceEvent

Device Event that includes WVR_EventType, timestamp, and WVR_DeviceType.

Public Members

WVR_CommonEvent_t common
WVR_DeviceType deviceType

Post event by WVR_DeviceType

struct WVR_InputEvent

Input Event that includes WVR_EventType, timestamp, WVR_DeviceType, and WVR_InputId.

Public Members

WVR_DeviceEvent_t device
WVR_InputId inputId

Post event by WVR_InputId

  • Tracking pose struct
struct WVR_Matrix4f

The basic matrix (4x4 floats) struct to be used in pose.

Public Members

float m[4][4]

Matrix form (4X4) to represent rotation and position of pose data.

struct WVR_Vector3f

The basic vector (3 floats) struct to be used in pose.

Public Members

float v[3]

Matrix form (3X1) to represent a set of data which contains 3 elements.

struct WVR_Vector2f

The basic vector (2 floats) struct to be used in pose.

Public Members

float v[2]

Matrix form (2X1) to represent a set of data which contains 2 elements.

struct WVR_Quatf

The basic quaternion (4 floats) struct to be used in pose.

Public Members

float w
float x
float y
float z

Quaternion form to represent rotation of pose.

struct WVR_Pose

Describes a single pose in quaternion form for a tracked object.

Public Members

WVR_Vector3f_t position

Position (x, y, z) part of the Pose (refer to WVR_Vector3f).

WVR_Quatf_t rotation

Rotation (quaternion form: w, x, y, z) part of the Pose (refer to WVR_Quatf).

struct WVR_PoseState

Describes a single pose in the rotation matrix form for a tracked object.

Public Members

bool isValidPose

The label of valid(true) or invalid(false) pose.

WVR_Matrix4f_t poseMatrix

The pose data (rotation, position) in matrix form (refer to WVR_Matrix4f).

WVR_Vector3f_t velocity

The velocity of the pose (refer to WVR_Vector3f).

WVR_Vector3f_t angularVelocity

The angular velocity of the pose.

bool is6DoFPose

The label of 6 DoF(true) or 3 DoF(false) pose.

int64_t timestamp

Absolute time (in nanosecond) of the pose.

WVR_Vector3f_t acceleration

The acceleration of the pose.

WVR_Vector3f_t angularAcceleration

The angular acceleration of the pose.

float predictedMilliSec

Number of milliseconds from now to predict poses.

WVR_PoseOriginModel originModel

The origin model of the pose.

WVR_Pose_t rawPose

The raw data of the pose from the device.

struct WVR_DevicePosePair

Aggregate the device type identity and device tracking pose.

Public Members

WVR_DeviceType type

VR device type.

WVR_PoseState_t pose

Pose information of the tracked VR device (refer to WVR_PoseState).

  • Device struct
struct WVR_Axis

Analog data.

Public Members

float x

-1<=x<=1 for WVR_AnalogType_2D; 0<=x<=1 for WVR_AnalogType_1D.

float y

-1<=y<=1 for WVR_AnalogType_2D; 0 for WVR_AnalogType_1D.

struct WVR_AnalogState

Analog state structure.

Public Members

WVR_InputId id

indicate the analog state belongs to which WVR_InputId

WVR_AnalogType type

indicate the analog data’s type

WVR_Axis_t axis

WVR_Axis, include analog data

struct WVR_TrackerCapabilities

The capabilities of the tracker device.

API Level 8

Public Members

bool supportsOrientationTracking
bool supportsPositionTracking
bool supportsInputDevice
bool supportsHapticVibration
bool supportsBatteryLevel
bool supportsExtendedData
struct WVR_TrackerInfoNotify

The tracker info notify (includes a callback function which needs to be implemented by the developer).

API Level 9

Public Members

WVR_TrackerInfoCallback callback
  • Arena struct
struct WVR_ArenaRectangle

Describes rectangle Arena area (play area) size parameters.

Public Members

float width

The width of rectangle Arena area

float length

The length of rectangle Arena area

struct WVR_ArenaRound

Describes round Arena area (play area) size parameter.

Public Members

float diameter

The diameter of round Arena area

struct WVR_Arena

Describes current effective Arena area (play area) shape and its related range parameters.

Public Members

WVR_ArenaShape shape

The setting of Arena shape

WVR_ArenaArea_t area

The setting of Arena area (refer to WVR_ArenaArea)

union WVR_ArenaArea
#include <wvr_arena.h>

Describes 2 types of Arena area (play area) range parameters.

Public Members

WVR_ArenaRectangle_t rectangle

The setting of rectangle Arena area (refer to WVR_ArenaRectangle)

WVR_ArenaRound_t round

The setting of round Arena area (refer to WVR_ArenaRound)