WVR_EXPORT WVR_InteractionMode WVR_GetInteractionMode()

Function to get the interaction mode of the application.

WVR_InteractionMode, the interaction mode of the application.
API Level 2
Effective with Runtime version 2 or higher

How to use

This function is programmed for getting current interaction mode. If the API level is lower than 2, this function would be disabled.

Here is an example for the function:

#include <wvr/wvr_device.h>

WVR_InteractionMode mInteractionMode;
mInteractionMode = WVR_GetInteractionMode();

The example above uses WVR_GetInteractionMode() to get the value of current interaction mode. The default value of interaction mode is base on various VR projects.

enum WVR_InteractionMode

The interaction mode of the application.


WVR_InteractionMode_SystemDefault = 1

Reset WVR_InteractionMode and WVR_GazeTriggerType to the default system values. Refer to WVR_SetInteractionMode.

WVR_InteractionMode_Gaze = 2

Gaze mode only.

WVR_InteractionMode_Controller = 3

The application uses the controller if a controller is connected; otherwise the application switches to gaze.

WVR_InteractionMode_Hand = 4

Use hand model for interaction.