The WaveVR_AdaptiveQuality Component is used to enable the AdaptiveQuality feature. AdaptiveQuality is enabled at OnEnable and disabled at OnDisable.

Starting from WaveVR 3.2.0, WaveVR_AdaptiveQuality will be attached to the WaveVRAdaptiveQuality GameObject in the WaveVR Prefab. WaveVR_AdaptiveQuality is enabled by default.


WaveVRAdaptiveQuality GameObject in WaveVR Prefab


  • Send Quality Event

    Check to send the recommended quality change event if needed.

  • Auto Foveation

    Check to automatically adjust the foveation rendering intensity if needed.

See Also: WVR_EnableAdaptiveQuality for AdaptiveQuality , WaveVR_DynamicResolution , AdaptiveQuality