How to Use Hand ModelΒΆ

With VIVE Wave™, developers can get the hand model of the currently connected device. The structure WVR_HandRenderModel is used to give the render model of left and right hands. Throught this structure, you can get the vertex attributes (position, normal, texture coordinate, bone ID and weight) and bone transforms for left and right hand model.

In VIVE Wave™, we provide a scale factor (called HandScale) for scaling hand model from device to fitting real hand size. If developer want to render the hand fitting user, we need to use the scale factor at wrist (hand pose). The scale factor is recorded at structure WVR_HandJointData. Developers can get the scale factor from WVR_GetHandTrackingData. Please note that the scale factor is calculated by tracking data and hand model is device service. If developer use custom model, developers should calculate the scale by themselves.

To see a more detailed explanation, refer to sample wvr_hellovr.