WaveVR Time Warp Stabilization


TimeWarp Stabilization is used to reduce jitter when the previous frame that the GPU is rendering can’t finish in time while the following frame can be rendered in time.


As the diagram above illustrates. if the GPU doesn’t finish rendering in time (Frame 2), TimeWarp will use the last frame (Frame 1) to reduce latency. It will discard the frame rendered (Frame 2) when the next frame (Frame 3) finishes rendering in time.

With TimeWarp Stabilization, the rendered frame will not be discarded for a smoother gameplay experience. Although this could theoretically introduce latency, prediction can be leveraged to reduce the perceptive of latency.

However, if the GPU cannot consistently finish rendering in time (rendering more than one vsync at a time), jitter will still occur. Therefore, reducing GPU load is key to smooth gameplay.