WVR Device

The main interface to get the device state, tracking pose, user input, and battery status from the tracked devices.

#include <wvr/wvr_device.h>


Battery Status

Functions to get the battery status and information (e.g. temperature, remaining power, etc.) of the tracked devices.

User Interaction

The functions below are designed to switch the user interaction modes and gaze-triggered types.

There are three types of user interaction modes: - Gaze mode only - Controller mode - System default

When interaction mode is set to controller mode, it detects if controllers are connected. If no controller are connected, interaction mode switches to gaze mode.

If the interaction mode is switched to the system default by applications, it will be set by the default values of the interaction mode and gaze trigger type from the OEM service.

Once interaction mode is switched to gaze mode, the trigger type can be triggered by a timeout, controller trigger, or both.