WVR Tracker

The tracker APIs provide the way to get the related data(pose,button,battery level) of tracker device (such as bracelet device, …, etc.) from the tracker device service.

To use tracker feature, require wave.feature.tracker “true” in AndroidManifest.xml.

    android:required="true" />


Before using the tracker feature, the developer must check whether the tracker feature is supported or not through WVR Supported Features.

All Tracker APIs

  • API Level 8 (Wave SDK 4.3.0) or later
Function Name Description
WVR_StartTracker Start tracker feature. Must call this function first and return WVR_Success to make sure tracker feature is enabled successfully. Then the following functions can just be used.
WVR_StopTracker Stop tracker feature.
WVR_IsTrackerConnected Get the current connection state of tracker device.
WVR_GetTrackerRole Get the role of connected tracker device.
WVR_GetTrackerCapabilities Check whether the tracker device supports tracker capabilities (pose tracking, button, battery level, vibration, extended data) or not. If the tracker device supports one of capabilities, then the corresponding functions can just be used.
WVR_GetTrackerPoseState (pose tracking) Get the pose of tracker device.
WVR_GetTrackerInputDeviceCapability (button) Check the supported button capabilities (press, touch , analog) of all button elements.
WVR_GetTrackerInputButtonState (button) Get the current pressed state of button element.
WVR_GetTrackerInputTouchState (button) Get the current touched state of button element.
WVR_GetTrackerInputDeviceAnalogType (button) Get the supported analog type of button element.
WVR_GetTrackerInputAnalogAxis (button) Get the analog data of button element.
WVR_GetTrackerBatteryLevel (battery level) Get the current battery level of tracker device.
WVR_TriggerTrackerVibration (vibration) Trigger the vibration of tracker device.
WVR_GetTrackerExtendedData (extended data) Get the extended data of tracker device.


Recommend calling get tracker pose API WVR_GetTrackerPoseState just after WVR_GetSyncPose to make sure tracker model moving smooth.