WVR Version Check

This section describes how to check the server and SDK versions in Wave VR.

Wave VR server version is an integer value that identifies the maximum API Level supported by the current Wave VR server in the system.

  • Use the WVR_GetWaveRuntimeVersion() function to get the Wave VR server version.

The Wave VR SDK version is an integer value that identifies the API Level offered by the Wave VR SDK you are currently using.

  • Use the WVR_GetWaveSDKVersion() function to get the Wave VR SDK version.


Some Wave VR API functionalities strongly bind to the Wave VR server and are only effective with a corresponding server version. These APIs are highlighted with a @note Effective with Runtime version 2 or higher comment in the document. If the app runs in the system with the wrong server version, these APIs will not work. Use WVR_GetWaveRuntimeVersion() to check if the API you want to use is supported by your Wave VR server version on device.

Sample code to check API version

WVR_SetGazeTriggerType supported on runtime version 2 or higher.

if (WVR_GetWaveRuntimeVersion() >= 2) {
} else {
    LOGW(“WVR_SetGazeTriggerType is not supported on Runtime Version %d.”, WVR_GetWaveRuntimeVersion());

See: WVR_GetWaveRuntimeVersion. WVR_GetWaveSDKVersion.