Frame Sharpness Enhancement(FSE)


Frame Sharpness Enhancement(FSE) Providing sharpen rendering result via introducing sharpen filter to ATW pipeline. Developer can adjust FSE’s level to get best vision result.


Level: 0.0/0.5/1.0

User Guide


  1. Add WVR_RenderConfig_Initialize_FrameSharpnessEnhancement to WVR_RenderConfig while WVR_RenderInit .
  2. Adjust sharpness level by WVR_SetFrameSharpnessEnhancementLevel according to the scene content.


Please check Frame Sharpness Enhancement .


Please check Frame Sharpness Enhancement .


  • FSE depends on 2-stage feature, that is, only supported on device with SDK version>4.1.0.
  • FSE will always on and consuming GPU usage after initialized. The default level is 0.5.
  • FSE only affects the 60% area centered on the eye center.
  • When WVR_SubmitFrameLayers submit more than one layer, FSE only affects content layer.

Tuning Guide

  • Default level (0.5) is a good start.
  • Higher-level brings more detail but also boosts the noise, aliasing and posterization.
  • Recommended for use with MSAA.
  • When level set to 0.0, the visual result degrade back to FSE off case, but still consuming GPU usage .

Level: 0.0/0.5/1.0