WVR_EXPORT WVR_Result WVR_EnableTimeWarpStabilizedMode(WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode mode)

Enable the Timewarp Stabilized Mode which will improve the smoothness but may introduce extra latency.

API Level 6
  • mode: Target mode.
Return Value
  • WVR_Success: Enable or disable this function successfully.
  • WVR_Error_FeatureNotSupport: Does not support this function in this platform.
  • WVR_Error_SystemInvalid: The runtime has not been initialized yet.

Struct and enumeration

The enum WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode is defined as:

enum WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode

Time Warp Stabilized mode.

Enumerate mode for time warp stabilized mode.


WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode_Off = 0

WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode_Off : Disable time warp stabilized mode.

WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode_On = 1

WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode_On : Always enable time warp stabilized mode.

WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode_Auto = 2

WVR_TimeWarpStabilizedMode_Auto : Auto enable and disable time warp stabilized mode when APP exeuting.

How to use

We can use this API during AP executing. Please call this API after render initialized.

//call this API after WVR_RenderInit