WVR_EXPORT WVR_GazeTriggerType WVR_GetGazeTriggerType()

Function to get when gaze is triggered in the application.

WVR_GazeTriggerType is the gaze trigger type of the application.
API Level 2
Effective with Runtime version 2 or higher

How to use

This function is for getting the current gaze trigger type of a tracked device. If the API level is lower than 2, this function will be disabled. When using the “WVR_SetInteractionMode(WVR_InteractionMode_SystemDefault)” function, the application will receive the gaze trigger type value from OEM service. The default value of the gaze trigger type of OEM service is base on various VR projects. Here is an example for the function:

#include <wvr/wvr_device.h>

WVR_GazeTriggerType mGazeTriggerType;
mGazeTriggerType = WVR_GetGazeTriggerType();

The example above uses WVR_GetGazeTriggerType() to get the value of current gaze trigger type. The default value of gaze trigger type is base on various VR projects.

enum WVR_GazeTriggerType

The gaze trigger type of the application.


WVR_GazeTriggerType_Timeout = 1

Use timeout to trigger gaze.

WVR_GazeTriggerType_Button = 2

Use button to trigger gaze.

WVR_GazeTriggerType_TimeoutButton = 3

Both timeout and button can trigger gaze.