Notify Device

VIVE Wave™ XR plugin provides the Notify Device feature in the Essence package (refer to Wave XR Plugin Packages).

By using the Notify Device feature, you can send a specified string of text to a connected device.


Here listed the API of Notify Device below.

using Wave.Native;
using Wave.Essence;

// To start the Notify Device service on a device.
// Check the returned WVR_Result to confirm if the service is started successfully.
WVR_Result NotifyDevice.Start(WVR_DeviceType type);

// To stop the Notify Device service on a device.
void NotifyDevice.Stop(WVR_DeviceType type);

// The full string sent to a device will be "OUTDATA-X" + dataValue.
// The "X" is a number (1~12) which reprsents the 'type'.
// Note that the length of full string should be less than 64.
// e.g. type = WVR_DeviceType_HMD, dataValue = "sss"
//   => full string = "OUTDATA-1sss", length = 12.
void NotifyDevice.Send(WVR_DeviceType type, string dataValue);