Simultaneous Interaction

You can use one hand (see Hand Feature) and one controller (see UnityXRController) simultaneously after enabled the Simultaneous Interaction feature.

Modify AndroidManifest.xml

To enable the Simultaneous Interaction feature, you have to add below content to your AndroidManifest.xml.

<uses-feature android:name="wave.feature.simultaneous_interaction" android:required="true" />

Or you can enable the Simultaneous Interaction feature from the menu item Wave > Interaction Mode > Enable Simultaneous Interaction as mentioned in Raycast.


After imported the Essence sample (refer to Samples), you will see a Raycast sample which demonstrates features Gaze, Controller and Hand concurrently at Assets > Samples > Wave > Essence > Essence > Raycast.

And another RaycastEyeTracking sample demonstrates features Eye Gaze (see Eye Tracking), Controller and Hand concurrently.

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