Shader Stripping


Unity offers three Graphics Tiers that provide different levels of graphics settings on different platforms, and different shaders are generated for each Tier. By default, Android apps developed in Unity only load Tier 2 shaders. However, shaders of all three Tiers will still be compiled during the shader compilation process, which means that time is wasted on compiling Tier 1 and 3 shaders. Shader Stripping addresses this problem by removing the Tier 1 and 3 shaders from the shader compilation process, reducing build time when building Android apps.


Shader Stripping does not support Universal Rendering Pipeline(URP).


Make sure you are using Unity version 2018.2 or newer, and Target Platform in Build Settings is set to Android.

How to use

In Unity Editor, Select Wave > Enable Shader Stripping



Shader Stripping is enabled as long as Enable Shader Stripping is selected.