Splash Screen


VIVE Wave™ a customizable splash screen which can be displayed while switching maps. It can also be manually shown/hidden anytime you want.



void ShowSplashScreen()

Call this API to manually show the splash screen.

void HideSplashScreen()

Call this API to manually hide the splash screen.

void SetSplashParam(UTexture2D* InSplashTexture, FLinearColor BackGroundColor, float ScaleFactor, FVector2D Shift, bool EnableAutoLoading)

Call this API to set the parameters of the splash screen.
  • arguments
    A reference to the source texture which will be shown on the splash screen.
    The background color of the splash screen (For textures with an alpha channel which may have transparent areas or empty areas of the splash screen).
    The scale factor of the size of the source texture content. 1 is the original size.
    The offset applied to the texture content in terms of pixels on screen. (0,0) means that the source texture content is centered.
    When set to True, the splash screen will be shown while switching between maps, and vice versa.