Frame Sharpness Enhancement


Frame Sharpness Enhancement is a feature provided by the WaveVR SDK runtime that enhances frame sharpness(clarity of text). You can set the desired sharpness level by SetFrameSharpnessEnhancementLevel. For more information, see Frame Sharpness Enhancement(FSE).


Frame Sharpness Enhancement will impact performace, please keep it disabled if you don’t need it.

Project Settings


Select Frame Sharpness Enhancement to use this feature. This setting is disabled by default for better performance. For more project settings, see Optional Project Settings.



void SetFrameSharpnessEnhancementLevel(float Level = 0.5f)

  • arguments
    This value should be between [0, 1]. Level will forcely set as 1 if the value is greater than 1 and set as 0 if the value is less than 0.

See more at WVR_SetFrameSharpnessEnhancementLevel.