WVR_EXPORT bool WVR_ShowPassthroughOverlay(bool show, bool delaySubmit = false, bool showIndicator = false)

Function to show the passthrough overlay.

Use this function to also decide whether the passthrough overlay should be shown or not. This function must be called after calling WVR_RenderInit().

API Level 5
Supported from Runtime version 5 or higher (certain devices only). Make sure the target device supports passthrough overlay by calling WVR_GetSupportedFeatures() and checking WVR_SupportedFeature_PassthroughOverlay. Calling this API on render thread is not recommended due to IPC with Passthrough service.
  • show: Show or hide passthrough overlay. The system passthrough(surrounding or out-of-boundary) would be disabled if the param show is true.
  • delaySubmit: Delay the return of WVR_SubmitFrame() when the passthrough overlay is showing to improve the latency. default: false
  • showIndicator: Show or hide the controller indicator on passthrough overlay, default: false.
Return Value
  • true: The setting is valid.
  • false: The setting is invalid.

How to use

The following example shows the passthrough overlay:

#include <wvr/wvr_system.h>

bool gShowPassthroughAvailable = true;
bool gDelaySubmit = false;
bool gShowPassthroughControllerIndicator = false;

void pollEvent() {
    WVR_Event_t event;
    while(WVR_PollEventQueue(&event)) {
        if (event.common.type == WVR_EventType_PassthroughOverlayShownBySystem) {
            gShowPassthroughAvailable = false;
        } else if (event.common.type == WVR_EventType_PassthroughOverlayHiddenBySystem) {
            gShowPassthroughAvailable = true;

void showPassthrough() {
    uint64_t support = WVR_GetSupportedFeatures();
    if (support & WVR_SupportedFeature_PassthroughOverlay && gShowPassthroughAvailable) {
        WVR_ShowPassthroughOverlay(true, gDelaySubmit, gShowPassthroughControllerIndicator);