API Restriction

Wave Native API

To use VIVE Wave™ XR plugin native API, you have to import the Wave XR Plugin - Native package through the Package Manager.

Use the native namespace.

using Wave.Native;

Then you can use the native API by Interop.<API name>


We don’t encourage to use the native API directly. Before using the native API, you should refer to Wave Native SDK first.

Limited Common API

In the VIVE Wave™ XR plugin, there are some native APIs that can be called only once in a frame.


If these native APIs are called more than once in a frame, the results will be abnormal.

Do not use these native APIs as they are already used by the VIVE Wave™ XR plugin once in a frame:

  • WVR_GetSyncPose: For retrieving device poses.
  • WVR_PollEventQueue: For receiving system events.

Limited Feature API

The VIVE Wave™ XR plugin provides some features that use some native APIs.


If you use a feature and its related native APIs concurrently, the result will be abnormal.

Hand Feature

About the Hand feature, please refer to Hand Feature.


If Hand Manager is used, do not use these APIs:

  • WVR_StartHandGesture
  • WVR_StopHandGesture
  • WVR_GetHandGestureInfo
  • WVR_GetHandGestureData
  • WVR_StartHandTracking
  • WVR_StopHandTracking
  • WVR_GetHandJointCount
  • WVR_GetHandTrackerInfo
  • WVR_GetHandTrackingData