Wave Rig


A Camera Rig acts as the anchor for the player in the scene.It is made up of components such as a Camera and Controllers that allows the player to interact with the virtual world.

The Wave Rig provided by us is a simple Camera Rig that has a camera that acts as the player’s head. It can also work together with the Interaction feature, which allows the user to interact with objects in the virtual world.

VIVE Wave™ XR plugin provides the Wave Rig prefab in VIVE Wave XR Plugin - Essence > Runtime > Prefabs.


The exposed data members of the Wave Rig include:

  • Camera Offset: This is the object from which the Camera is offset.
  • Camera Object: The Camera used to render the Scene; this GameObject serves as the head of the Wave Rig.
  • Tracking Origin: This setting determines the location of the center of the world.
  • Camera Y Offset: This determines the height of Camera Offset in meters.

Integrate With Interaction

The InteractionModeManager provides the VIVE Wave™ XR plugin defined UGUIs: Gaze Indicator, Controller Components and Hand Components.

For more information, refer to Interaction.

If you plan to use the InteractionModeManager, attach a InteractionModeManager to Wave Rig as follow.


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