VIVE Wave™ implements the official blueprint function ResetOrientationAndPosition to achieve the teleport feature.

Call AskWaveVRPawnToTeleport dispatcher to teleport


  1. For calling the AskWaveVRPawnToTeleport dispatcher, get the Player Pawn(0) and Cast To WaveVR_Pawn to get WaveVR_Pawn.
  2. Call AskWaveVRPawnToTeleport and assign the destination and the face direction(Yaw), the Yaw will not be applied if NeedRotateYaw is false.

If you want to keep your location and direction while taking off the HMD


  1. For binding the ApplicationWillEnterBackgroundDelegate, get Player Pawn(0) and Cast To WaveVR_Pawn to get ApplicationLifecycle when BeginPlay.
  2. Get the HMD orientation and call ResetOrientationand Position on ApplicationWillEnterBackgroundDelegate.

Reference Sample

You can reference the level blueprint of plugin/Content/VRTestApp/Teleport_Test.umap