VIVE Wave™ Unreal plugin provides the Tracker feature. A Tracker component is a device that the location and orientation can be tracked. You can refer to the sample Content > VRTestApp > Bracelet.

Getting start to use Tracker by following below sessions.

Project Settings

Follow the document Optional Project Settings to select the Enable Tracker option in Wave VR Settings.


Set up VRPawn

Follow the document Set up Camera to set up a BraceletPawn with Eye Level and Camera Height.

../_images/tracker09.png ../_images/tracker11.png ../_images/tracker12.png

Add Hand Models (optional)

  1. Add Wave VR Hand components under VRCamera.
../_images/tracker031.png ../_images/tracker10.png
  1. Set the Mesh > Skeletal Mesh of both hand models.
../_images/tracker041.png ../_images/tracker051.png
  1. Configure the Wave VR options of both hand models.
../_images/tracker061.png ../_images/tracker07.png

Enable Tracker and Hand (optional)

Open Blueprints > Open Level Blueprint and add the following code.


If you do NOT set up the hand models, you won’t need the Hand Tracking part.

Fuse Wrist Position with Tracker: A function used to fuse the wrist position when wearing a tracker.

Use Tracker Pose

By adding the following code you can apply poses of Tracker 0 to a Static Mesh Component.


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