WVR_EXPORT uint32_t WVR_GetParameters(WVR_DeviceType type, const char * pchValue, char * retValue, uint32_t unBufferSize)

Function to get a parameter string from the device service.

The number of bytes necessary to hold the string, including the trailing null. Returns 0 (and 0-length string) on failure.
API Level 1
  • type: Indicates what device type. (refer to WVR_DeviceType)
  • pchValue: Send the string to let the app communicate with the device service.
  • retValue: The buffer to store the parameter retrieved from the device service. unBufferSize should be the size of this buffer.
  • unBufferSize: The size of the buffer pointed to by pchValue.

How to use

Here is an example for the function:

#include <wvr/wvr_device.h>

char pchString[256] = "IsDeviceSupportCamera";
char retString[256] = { 0 };
uint32_t size;

//Get the result from the device service
size = WVR_GetParameters(WVR_DeviceType_HMD, pchString, retString, 256);

Device service needs to implement the getParameters function to get the string from the content app.