WVR_EXPORT WVR_Result WVR_GetFoveationDefaultConfig(const WVR_Eye eye, WVR_RenderFoveationParams_t * foveatedParam)

Get the default foveated rendering config of the device.

The default config will vary depending on the device. This function must be called after calling WVR_RenderInit.

API Level 5
  • eye: WVR_Eye, eye id to specify the side of the scene.
  • foveatedParam: The foveated rendering config
Return Value
  • WVR_Success: The config was successfully retrieved.
  • others: Failed to retrieve config. See WVR_Result for more information.

Struct and enumeration

WVR_RenderFoveationParams_t is defined as:

struct WVR_RenderFoveationParams

Foveation parameters.

Aggregate custom information of foveated rendering used in WVR_PreRenderEye.

Public Members

float focalX

focalX: The x coordinate of the focal point in normalized device coordinates. (-1.0 - 1.0)

float focalY

focalY: The y coordinate of the focal point in normalized device coordinates. (-1.0 - 1.0)

float fovealFov

fovealFov: The fov of the foveal.

WVR_PeripheralQuality periQuality

periQuality: The peripheral region quality of the foveated rendering.

enum WVR_PeripheralQuality

The peripheral region quality that is used in WVR_RenderFoveationParams_t.


WVR_PeripheralQuality_Low = 0x0000

WVR_PeripheralQuality_Low: The peripheral region quality is low while power saved is high.

WVR_PeripheralQuality_Medium = 0x0001

WVR_PeripheralQuality_Medium: The peripheral region quality is medium and power saved are average.

WVR_PeripheralQuality_High = 0x0002

WVR_PeripheralQuality_High: The peripheral region quality is high while power saved is low.

How to use

Here is an example for the function:

// Left eye
WVR_RenderFoveationParams_t foveated;
WVR_GetFoveationDefaultConfig(WVR_Eye_Left, &foveated)
LOGI("Foveated rendering focal on (%f,%f) fov %d quality %d",
        foveated.focalX, foveated.focalY
        foveated.fovealFov, foveated.periQuality);