Quick Start for SRWorks Unreal Plugin

After the above hardware and software have been set up, below are the steps of how to start running the sample level.

Step 1

Open the Unreal Editor 4.24.

Step 2

Create a new project.


Step 3

Create a Plugins folder beside the .uproject file.


Step 4

Unzip Vive-SRWorks-Unreal-Plugin.zip and put into the Plugins folder.

Step 5

Close Unreal Editor and launch your project again.

Step 6

Ensure your can see the plugins in Unreal Editor

Step 7

Open the sample level.

Step 8

Play this level in VR Preview!

Step 9

Try some feature by hot key which mention in TestKey.

Step 10

In ViveSR_ReconstructionRender, Enable Scene Understanding is enabled by default. Select the object type you would like SRWorks’ to identify.


Build your level with SRWorks

Step 1

Drag VRCamera into the world and reset its transform. Remember to set Auto Process Player of VRCamera.

Step 2

Drag ViveSR into the world.

Step 3

Drag: ViveSR_DualCameraImageRenderer, ViveSR_DualCameraDepthCollider, ViveSR_RigidReconstructionRender and ViveSR_SegmentRender into the world and reset their transform.

Step 4

Ensure the setting in ViveSR follow the picture below.



  • To use the depth collider, drag ViveSR_DualCameraDepthCollider into the world and reset its transform.

  • To use rigid reconstruction, drag ViveSR_RigidReconstructionRender into the world and reset its transform.